Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes Attorney
Being convicted of any crime will affect a person’s day to day life but the consequences of being convicted of a violent crime can be especially harsh. The penalties from fines to jail or prison time will increase. The stigma associated with a violent crime also grows. A conviction for a violent crime will cause educational hardships, loss of certain jobs and will affect the relationships within a person’s life.

If a person has been charged with a violent crime he or she needs to contact a violent crime attorney immediately. To convict a person for a violent crime, prosecutors must prove that he or she committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Attorney Zach Ferguson will force the government to achieve that very high level of proof as well as protect his client’s Constitutional rights throughout the process.

What Qualifies as a Violent Crime?

Texas considers violent crimes to be the most dangerous and harmful of all crimes. A variety of different crimes will be considered violent and many of them are felonies. The following is a list of some of the crimes that fit this description:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Kidnapping
  • Aggravated Robbery
  • Assault
  • Family Violence
  • Child Abuse / Injury to a Child
  • Sexual Battery
  • Sexual Assault

If someone has been accused of one of these crimes or another violent crime, it is critical that legal counsel becomes involved in the case at its earliest stages. Time may become an important factor in preparing a complete defense. Regardless of the stage of the proceedings, Zach Ferguson will provide his clients with a  well-planned defensive strategy.

Penalties for a Conviction
Because of the wide range of crimes that qualify under the description of violent crimes, numerous different penalties exist. Each specific crime will have its own range of punishment. The penalties of these crimes can be increased by the specific crime and criminal history of the defendant. Some common penalties of violent crimes include:

  • Death (for capital murder)
  • Incarceration (possibly for life)
  • Community Supervision
  • Fines
  • Restitution
  • Court-ordered counseling like anger management

Other penalties will not be given by the court but will still affect a person’s life and livelihood. For example, many employers will not hire someone who has committed a violent crime or may fire an employee for a conviction. On a personal level, many people will not associate with someone who has been accused of a violent crime.
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