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Any criminal matter carries with it very serious consequences. At The Law Office of Zach Ferguson, PLLC we will fully review and investigate your case. Under our system of justice, a person charged with a crime has a number of specific rights. We will ensure that those rights have not been violated and that the State has followed all proper procedure during all phases of your case. We will represent your interests in negotiating with the DA to obtain the best result possible, and if necessary, take your case to trial and represent you in a court of law. In choosing an attorney, it is important to select someone who is qualified and willing to take your case in front of a jury, if necessary. I am that attorney.

An Arrest/Charge is NOT a conviction
If you are facing a criminal charge, this isn’t a time for lectures or “what if” scenarios. This is a time for decisive action without personal judgment. Please note that a charge isn’t a conviction in a criminal defense case, and even a conviction isn’t necessarily an indication of guilt. Mr. Ferguson believes that every person facing a criminal charge deserves legal representation and that the attorney representing you should do so without casting personal judgment.

Affordable Representation
No one plans to get arrested, as a result, Mr. Ferguson understands the extreme financial burden associated with defending a criminal defense case. While every case is different, Mr. Ferguson is committed to providing his clients with a clear estimate of the costs associated with their defense and will work with you to minimize the financial burden of your case whenever possible.

If you want to be represented by a strategic, results-oriented criminal defense attorney, then you have come to the right place. Call the Law Office of Zach Ferguson, PLLC to discuss the specifics of your case.

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