Criminal Defense
DWI - Driving While Intoxicated
Attorney Ferguson uses his experience as a former Assistant Criminal District Attorney to pursue an aggressive defense for all of his clients. Attorney Ferguson knows the strategies used by the prosecution and is not afraid to challenge the evidence produced by the prosecution.   (Click here to find out more.)
The steps you take now may have a direct impact on your right to drive, your freedom, and your future. Understanding more about DWI cases and what evidence may be used against you can help you make the right choices and select the proper representation.    (Click here to find out more.)

Violation of Probation/ Motion to Adjudicate
Clean your Record
If you’re facing a probation violation or motion to adjudicate your deferred adjudication, it’s absolutely critical that you seek legal counsel immediately. Your freedom is at stake, and if you don’t seek assistance immediately, you could find yourself facing jail time and a host of other penalties.  That’s where Attorney Zach Ferguson can help.    (Click here to find out more.)
Get information regarding Expunctions and Non-disclosures.  We can explain the process for you and check to see if you qualify.    (Click here to find out more.)
Occupational Driver's License
An occupational license, also called an essential need license, is a special type of restricted license issued to individuals whose driver license has been suspended, revoked or denied for certain offenses.  We may be able to help you obtain one through the court.